Delta Strength Doula care in Dubai

Welcome to Delta Strength Doula! I am a certified Birth Doula and attend births in Dubai.

Why I care about labor support:

Labor to most women in today’s western world is assumed to be an unpleasant experience that one must go through as a means to get their prized possession of a wonderful child.  Learning there are other options, and birth can be a beautiful experience, really inspired me to try reaching other women so they are not robbed of their opportunity to really experience and connect with their birth in a truly amazing way.  The simple misconception that labor needs to be feared can make such a huge difference to a woman’s perspective and opportunities.

What I hope to bring to the woman’s birth:

I, foremost, hope to bring confidence to a woman’s birth.  To gain confidence, a woman needs information, assurances in her support team, a strong belief in herself and her body’s ability, and a positive attitude.  My goals for each client are to help them find ways to be a peace with their new life change and the beautiful experience they go through in the process.

Delta Strength Doula

Delta Strength Doula

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