Doctor Interview Questions

Questions for a doctor ‘interview’

Are you wondering what questions to ask your midwife or doctor interview? Below are possible things to consider for birth and what you may want to ask about.  If you’re not looking to have hours of conversations each interview, pick what is most important to you from your birth preferences and highlight those items.  Try to keep the phrasing open ended and not indicative of what you prefer.  ie. “What is your policy regarding due dates?” vs. “Will you support me going to 43 weeks?”

Relating to Birth:

  • Do you deliver Breech, VBAC, and big babies?
  • What is done differently for VBAC than non-VBAC? (if applicable)
  • What is your policy with slow progress?
  • What is your policy regarding due dates?
  • What is your policy regarding pushing? (Timing, position)
  • What type of monitoring options are available?  What is the frequency?
  • Are Vaginal Exams routinely performed?
  • What is the hospitals admission policy? What should I expect the first 20 minutes?
  • Is a saline lock or IV standard practice?
  • Do you provide a mirror to see the baby crowning?
  • What % of your births are CS?
  • What % of your births require assistance? Vacuum/forceps
  • Are episiotomies routinely performed? Is consent given first?
  • Policy for delivering placenta? Is Pitocin given? Cord pulled? Spontaneous delivery?
  • At which stage in delivery to you arrive?

Relating to Cesareans:

  • Skin-to-skin a possibility?
  • Delayed cord clamping a possibility?
  • Can I watch delivery?
  • Is the vagina swabbed for microbiomes to put on baby?

Relating to Baby:

  • Is the Pediatrician waiting outside the door? Or called after bonding?
  • Is skin-to-skin encouraged?
  • Cord clamping policy?
  • Who can catch the baby?
  • Is suctioning routinely done?
  • When is weighing and shots performed?
  • Does baby stay in same room as mother?
  • Is formula or sugar water given?
  • Is a lactation consultant available on the ward?
  • If in NICU, what are the policies relating to the parents being present with baby?
  • Do you have oral Vitamin K?

Relating to Environment:

  • Who is in the room and how often?
  • Any policy regarding food and drink consumption?
  • Can I play music? System provided for playing music?
  • What is the lighting? Can I dim/turn off?
  • Can I wear my own clothes?
  • Can I film and/or take pictures?
  • How many birth partners can come with me?
  • Is my partner allowed overnight?
  • What birthing tools are provided? Birthing pool, birthing stool, birthing ball, rebozo, Rope, shower, bath, compress?

What other questions have you found useful for a doctor interview?  Let us know below!

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